Gregory "Steed" Jacobs
May 22, 1986 - December 29, 2007

Gregory Scott Jacobs, 21, died in a car accident near the Feather River in Northern California on December 29, 2007. Harsh weather conditions led to uncontrollable events that took the life of our friend and one of the finest middles in UC Davis Men's Volleyball history. Fortunately for all of us, his girlfriend Venessa Wilcox emerged from the accident unscathed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Jacobs Family, Venessa, friends and teammates as everyone goes though this very difficult period of mourning.

In the times since his death, our club has often come together to mourn and to share in the fond memories we have of Greg. More often than not, the room will fill with laughter as was so ofthen the case when Steed was here with us. Many thanks to former club president, Jack Zhang, whose kind words and consoling thoughts bring a sense of peace to all who are still so shocked by this tragic event. We encourage everyone, especially Venessa, to be strong during this most difficult time and to look to our club for love and support. We all look forward to the day when the mentioning of Steed's name will bring only smiles in memory of the wonderful life he shared with all of us.

Greg is survived by his father Dr. R. Scott Jacobs, mother Karen, sister Elizabeth, brother Bradley, as well as his maternal grandmother Ella Boise, paternal grandfather Gordon Jacobs, girlfriend Venessa and every one of us who are blessed enough to have called him a friend.

About Greg:
Greg joined UC Davis Men's Volleyball in the fall of 2004 where he made the Varsity I team as a Freshman. He quickly became a dominant force in league and the country as a starting middle in just his Sophomore year. His dominance continued into his Junior year where his hard work and competitive nature earned him an All American title at the completion 2007 season, a season in which he led the team to a 5th place national finish and one of the best overall years the club had ever seen.

On the court, Steed will be remembered as a true competitor, a hard worker, a dependable teammate, an un-defendable force, and as a player who displayed an unwavering love of the game. Off the court, who could forget his longboard, his calm demeanor, his intelligent sense of humor, and his uplifting smile. Greg's presence will be duly missed this season and for years to come. Although filled with grief, we can all take solace in the fact that Steed was loved by all.

The words here can only begin to describe the ways in which Greg touched all of our lives. Please feel free to share your own thoughts by emailing us ( and allow this page to become a memorial to Greg and his life with us.


We would like to thank the Gregory S. Jacobs Fund at The San Diego Foundation for their continuing support

Dinner Plan
By Greg Jacobs
Written Circa 1999
"I used to sit at the door waiting to see my dad walk down the walkway in his suit. My dad worked all the time it seemed even on holidays because he is a doctor. I remember he would always have something planned for the afternoon when he came home. We used to play cards, go swimming, play pool and much more. The thing I enjoyed most though was going out to dinner because all my family would pack into the Explorer and we would go to some exotic Thai place and eat exotic food and laugh. I remember missing going to Dinseyland with my friend just so I could hang out with my dad. This one time while we were playing baseball he dislocated his knee and even under all that pain he still managed to keep a smile on his face. That is why I enjoyed spending time with him because no matter how tired he was he would still entertain me."
To read more of Greg's passages written thoughout his life, please visit the website set up by his family at

Please also see the Sacramento Bee article and the California Aggie article written in Greg's honor.
2007-12-31 14:12:47
From Rusty Barker

Steed was the one guy on the court I could look up to, you know, cause he was so tall. I didn't hang out with him much at the beginning of freshman year cause he was on first team and I was on second team, but we lived in the same dorm and after the season ended we started to kick it. All the guys that lived in Emerson that year (jay, steed, nik, and I) would always hang out. I have the fondest memories of playing super Mario bros on SNES and getting into trouble in the dorms. I remember the first time me and some of my friends played poker with steed. He was this quite storm, always betting hard and pushing everyone out of the pot. He of course won because he kicked ass at poker, but that's who steed was. He was so quiet and modest with so much beneath the surface.

Sophomore year steed lived in the infamous duke house. At the same time I am happy and sad that I did not live there. Sad cause steed is now gone and I could have spent more time with him, but happy because the place was a dump. Between steed, mike, Gilpin, jay, and devin/kara that place was the most kick ass shit hole I ever had the honor to hang out in. between the backyard boxing (during which steed would always get a bloody nose), afternoons on the front lawn, endless Beirut, tuggy, steves bongsworth, that afternoon Phil showed up unexpectedly, and all the times me and steed just kicked it, that was probably one of the most memorable years of my life.

I have this head full of memories like at nationals last year when steed and I had to share a bed. First off I don't know why two of the tallest guys on the team were sharing a bed, but it probably wouldn't have been so bad if steed didn't keep wrapping himself up in the blankets. I would wake up cold and without covers every morning. I gave him a hard time about it and we had a good laugh. I remember all the times we peppered. We always paired up and I never could set him. Even up till the end. I peppered with him for years and he still kept asking for the sets to be higher. It makes me laugh still, and while I am still so sad that I'm not going to see him anymore, I still smile when I think of him.

When I got my car sophomore year and started to drive to games, I made sure that it was always I and steed in my car. My first reason for wanting him in my car was because he could drive stick, so if I got tired he could drive, but the second reason was because I enjoyed hanging out with him. We spent a lot of hours in the car together and a lot of the time we didn't even say anything, but you didn't need to say a lot with steed. We had this quiet understanding with each other and the silence was just as comfortable as the conversation.

Greg Jacobs, you were a true friend to me, I love you, and the twin towers will live forever in my heart.

PS: if you are reading this, will you send me your ring tone, because I always laughed at your phones rendition of "can I kick it?"

2007-12-31 15:42:53
From Warren Williams

Steed was such a great a guy. I am so glad I was able to spend time with him when I did. His sense of humor was like no other. Such a shame he had so much life to live. One thing we all know is that Steed impacted others around him far more than he could of ever known. He will be missed and thought of often.

2007-12-31 17:51:02
From Greg Bishop

I heard about this last night and still somewhat at a loss for words. Greg's death is truly a tragedy, and I hope his family and friends can make it through the times ahead. I did want to say that I'm really impressed with the way everyone has come together to remember and honor Greg's life. Thank you.

2008-01-01 18:20:06
From Venessa

You are my best friend, my confidant, my support system, my lover, my day and night. We talked about getting old together, when to have kids and how many, how we would build our futures together to never be apart from one another. We wanted to join the peace corp and if need be we would have gotten married in order to go to the same country. You are, and always will be, my better half. You fill my whole heart darling.

2008-01-01 19:10:28
From Joey Elftmann

While I am still clearly shocked about the events and don't really know how to comprehend it all, I try to remind myself of what a great guy Steed was. A resounding "Steeeeeed" goes through my head everytime I think of him. Though it started as an on-court celebration of a kill or block, it's funny how I now seem to say it in my head everytime I think of him-like a salute or even a way of saying what's up to him. I will always remember him as a hell of a volleyball player but to put it quite simply-he was always just great to be around. His goofy sense of humor, his laugh, and just his overall demeanor will always stick out in my head.

It's always an exciting time of year when open gym comes around and you get to meet the people you'll be spending most of your year with and I'll never forget his freshman year when he joined our team. We knew right away that he would be a tremendous addition to the club.

Over the last few years I can think back to several conversations that some of the guys would have about how much we loved Steed. A couple of years ago, in Salt Lake City, Brian Prowd, Bill Howard, and I were talking about how totally awesome Steed was and how he had a presence about him that was really amazing to watch. Watching him dominate at Nationals and watching the UCD contingency recite endless "Steed" cheers will always be my favorite memory of Greg.

Here's a list of some of my favorite memories of Greg:
-watching him sing at the pasta feed
-his laugh
-the "steed-ometer" in Salt Lake
-watching Nik hang out with him and always looking up to him
-the way he would come over and dominate us older guys in our weekly poker matches
-seeing the look on his face and the scream he let out as he dug me at practice a month ago
-his post-block celebratory dance
-that unbelievable dig and block sequence a few years ago at Nationals where he dug a ball up around his feet and then jumped up and clamped a guy a second later
-the random bloody noses
-the longboard
I'll miss ya man! You'll always be a good friend!

2008-01-01 19:33:45
From Ryan Lucchesi

Although I only had the privilege of playing one season with Greg, he made an unforgettable impression on me in the short time that we shared. Greg was a little bit shy at first, but as the first weeks of the season progressed he came out of his shell, and his personality flourished. I will always remember the exact moment when Greg completely opened up at the preseason retreat, and we met his alter ego - Jake Steed. He was a great teammate who was always eager to learn and I know we were all happy to watch him become a great middle blocker. It always brought a smile to my face when Greg got a huge block and the sidelines erupted into shouts of, "Steed!" Greg had an infectious smile off the court as well, and I remember sharing many laughs with him. There will be many tears and much sadness as we mourn his passing, but let us never forget the ability that Steed had to bring a smile to all of our faces.

2008-01-01 20:39:55
From Nik Rao

I met Steed our freshman year while living in the dorms. Greg, Rusty, Jay, and I would always hang out together. We would watch movies together or even go out to parties. No matter what we were doing there was never a dull moment and we always had fun. Steed was one of the few guys in the club that I could call one of my closest friends. We have had many fun times from houseboats freshman year and our 2-man keg stand to nationals and Vegas having to be the younger volleyball guys wondering around. We always partnered up when there was a chance and complimented each others volleyball skills and personality. We won an IM championship together our sophomore year against a talented alumni team and also won this past senior year against some of our teammates. We were always with one another either going to practice and tournaments together as well as the DC. Many of our memories together happened this past spring while just bbqing with Venessa and Jess while smoking hookah and watching the Warriors in the playoffs. He was a fierce competitor on the court and the most relaxed guy off the court, always being able to make people laugh and smile. He worked hard in school and also knew when to have a fun time. Steed will forever be a part of me and our volleyball family. He will never be forgotten. Steed is a genuine person and one of my best friends. I miss you man.

2008-01-01 22:13:25
From Christina Ng

Steeedalicious!! I can't even begin to tell you how much of an impact you've had on me as well as the Davis Volleyball community. I consider myself quite the lucky girl to have spent my time with you as your peer, your coach and your friend.

There are so many memories I have of you during your time with us. Day to day practices were always a blast watching you and Rusty pepper endlessly with much improvement I might add. I suppose the highlights of our time spent together always seemed to blossom at Nationals. Off the court, you were always a crowd favorite as you entertained all of your teammates (most notably Nate Weiner with that cribbage board). Year after year, you never ceased to amaze me on the volleyball court, especially when you capped off our awesome 5th place finish with an All-American nod! Joey and I couldn't be more happy that every coach in that room agreed with us on your recognition! When you got the award in the room, all I could picture in my head was your "stuff block" celebration of almost collapsing to the ground and pumping your fist with that stern and confident look on your face. Beyond the volleyball court, you and I both know we had a great time, especially at the airport at 6am in Louisville, where you professed an huuuuge amount of love to me for getting you through the security checkpoint and into the gate to catch our plane. I can't wait to find the video of that and relive the moment!

Over the last few years of knowing you, its always brought joy to my heart knowing that so many people were touched by your engaging, laid-back, and caring personality. I'm glad that I was able to get to know you and I wish nothing but the best to your family and friends around you. Miss ya buddy! *fist bump*

2008-01-01 23:02:29
From Thomas Lee

Man, I feel like I have so many things to say about this man. We have been in it together since the beginning here at Davis. Our first year consisted of us two sitting on the bench together watch the old guys play and me making fun of him and him chasing me across the parking lot. The our second year came around. That year was the turning point in Steed's career here. Yes, we all know that he earned an All American Title and he dominated at nationals this past year, but his sophomore year is where he grew into the towering, confident man who led us to a top finish this past year. He is by far one of the best middle blockers I have set or will ever set in my career. It was a privilege to be able to play with him for three years.

I will miss the countless hours we spent on the middle court working on our connection. I will miss your dominance on the court and the feeling of knowing it was a kill before I even set you. But after everything, it is the friendship I will miss. I don't think I have begun to imagine how much I will miss you, but for the remainder of the season and the rest of our lives, we will remember you Greg.

2008-01-02 01:11:45
From Jesse Pedersen

Greg embodied everything that our club stands for. I will remember him as one of the smartest individuals and truest competitors that I have ever played with. His presence brought a sense of confidence and humility that few others could command. His smile and timely wit made our team, and so many of the moments we spend together, special. I enjoyed feeding off of his talent and his strong and steady approach to life, and our game. I will miss having you by my side, absorbing each others passions, while bettering ourselves as players and as people as we did for the last three years.

Greg, it was nothing short of an honor to set for you, and I am blessed to have called you a friend. You will always be remembered.

2008-01-02 00:07:49
From Jack Zhang

When I first met Steed, I thought, "Sweet! We got some height on this team!" And then I saw him on the court and thought, "Crap! He barely knows how to walk!" I sat on the bench with him my junior year and just remember joking around with him, Thomas, and Cyrus. I mean, we had nothing better to do. I remember the first time he explained why his nickname was "Jakesteed" because it was from a rap song. I didn't know about his rap talents until our spaghetti feed that year. It was hilarious entertaining but quite good. And from "Jakesteed" came "Steed," our trusted "horse" middle. We would gallop every time he roofed someone or destroyed a ball and hog-tie Julian. His expressions and actions on the court always brought us joy.

Steed's coordination and skills improved dramatically over the years. He soon became unstoppable and received All-American. I was so proud of him that night when he received the award.

Although Steed was an awesome player, he as so humble. He never showed off his hops by trying to grab every basketball rim whenever girls were around. He would play it cool and then reach chest over the net to block or hit over opponents. He didn't have to show-off. Everyone knew he was good. Every time he was set, I knew he would put it away.

Steed was quiet on the court but loved the game so much. He was so happy whenever he did anything well that most of the time he didn't know how to react. Sometimes he would just pace around the team or bend his knees a little bit. But sometimes, when there is a special sparkle in his eye after a huge block, he'll throw out a war-cry that echoes in the gym and pumps up the whole team. And the sound of fans chanting his name rumbles the floors and shakes up the opponents hearts. The sound of "steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed" put fear in those who faced him.

I pride myself in my little-man game by tooling or hitting around tall players, but Steed managed to roof me straight down consistently.

Steed, I am so proud of you. It was such an honor to play with you on the court, serve with you as officers, and have you as my friend. I love you and will miss you dearly.

2008-01-02 11:43:34
From Ryan Gilpin

I was privileged enough to live with Steed two years ago. Of all of the memories from that year and all the time I have known him, I have been reminiscing about one in particular. We were all fighting with our roommate who was going to move out and in the middle of the argument Steed reminded him of all of the good times that we had shared. In such a stressful, shitty situation Steed could make all of us stop and remember that there was still good, and for a few minutes we stopped arguing. I had an unparalleled respect for him from this moment on. I cannot say it any better than Rusty, while I am still so sad that I'm not going to see him anymore, I still smile when I think of him.

I am dreading the days that I walk from class to the gym, put on my shoes, and set up the net. I wont do anything different those days from any day before, but nothing can ever be the same again. Those days I will miss you the most.

2008-01-02 12:24:22
From Joseanna Tse

Kheng and I were amongst the giddiest when all 6'9" of you walked into the gym for the first time. Little did we know, you would also walk into all of our lives and make each one of us better than before.

Though inexperienced your 1st year, we all felt the presence you would become that soon filled shoes of other greats. I agree with Jack, it seemed you barely knew how to walk. And you were the quietest person I have ever met next to Mike Chen. But you quickly become a dominant force on the volleyball court, a fierce opposition and a confident young man. We have yet to figure out how to defend against you. You have truly done great service to your team and carried on the UC Davis tradition.

However, the greatest accomplishments in life can not be measured by medals and titles; although you will always be remembered for them. They are measured by the lives you have positively touched, the minds you have engaged, and the hearts you have filled with joy, laughter and fond memories. Clearly by all the messages left and the many more to come, you are one of the most accomplished people I know.

While we parted teams, we have never parted ways. I will always remember your calm and quiet demeanor; your quirky sense of humor and your infectious smile. Your rap debut at the spaghetti feed, your gait, your swagger and that smirk you do when you got a kill and or a block. Most of all, I will remember the wonderful and strong person, friend and brother you have been to all.

2008-01-02 13:50:59
From Bobby Callahan

Of all my fond memories of Greg, I think what stands out the most in my head is the simple memory of my conversations with him. Chatting it up with Steed was one of my favorite pastimes. His personality is the type that people want to be around; fun, friendly, warm, and genuine. Plain and simple: talking to Greg made me happy. And that's what I'll miss the most.

I'll miss you buddy.

2008-01-02 14:23:07
From Rob Reaugh

Steed, you embodied a true Aggie. You were intelligent, competitive, hard working, and talented and could dominate a costume party. You pushed yourself through travel, school and sport and your impact on your teammates and coaches is immeasurable.

When I think of what makes the UC Davis Volleyball Club great, it is not measured simply by success in League and Nationals, it is the development of an incredible group of individuals who touch each other's lives for a few years at a time. Steed, you were an amazing guy, a dominant middle and a great teammate. I loved how you carried yourself and it was a pleasure to watch you develop your game and as a person over the past few years. I feel blessed to have witnessed the Spaghetti Feed freestyle and to have shared time with you on and off the court.

To the current UC Davis Volleyball Club, you have shown amazing strength and maturity in dealing with the unthinkable loss of Greg and I am grateful that you will have each other to rely on during the next few months. You have done an amazing job of coming together to honor one of the truly great athletes and personalities to have come through the Club. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and the Jacobs family.

2008-01-02 15:02:49
From Penny Arthur

MOM to MOM-- my heart to you and all my prayers

2008-01-02 16:07:53
From Annie Coleman

The men's first team rooting section was always quite loud, fun, and obnoxious, but nothing seemed to compare to the way we would cheer for Greg. I was always so excited when Greg was in because I knew it would give us a chance to cheer for our team and annoy other teams in the process. I recall looking at the UCD cheering section at Nationals after one of Greg's blocks and seeing about seven people jump up with excitement to hold up "S-T-E-E-E-E-D" while the rest of the cheering section was jumping and yelling for him. It seemed like every time I looked over there were more; everyone wanted to cheer for Greg. I know people were so eager to cheer for him because he was a genuinely nice and spirited person.

I wish the Jacobs family, Venessa, and those who were close to Greg comfort in this time of tragedy.

2008-01-02 17:25:30
From Chris Holtz

I met Steed my freshmen year of course when I joined the UCD club volleyball team. And while we did not play on the same team for any time other than recreation now and then, I grew to respect him as a player over these last couple years. It was not until this last summer and fall quarter that I started spending more personal time with him outside of volleyball, mainly as a result of Venessa being my room mate and the two of them spending so much time in our house and with all of us that live there. But for the time that I was fortunate enough to spend with him in my home as well as his home this last summer, I grew so fond of Greg and his unforgettable wit. Greg was one of the people in my life that no matter what he said, the way he said it just made me laugh, for reasons that I can't quite explain. For those of us who knew him, you understand what I mean when I say that he had this passive wit that is unseen in most people. I will truly miss him and always remember him for the good times we spent here in Davis as well as in San Diego. I will always remember our time playing sand volleyball with Venessa and Kyle at Mission Beach, and him teaching me to body board with the simplest instruction along the lines of "you just lay on the board and kinda jump into the wave". Greg you are a great friend and you will be missed terribly. My heart goes out to Karen and Scott and the entire Jacobs family.

2008-01-02 17:27:13
From Francis Chu

My relationship with Steed was less than personal but I can honestly say he had that ability to brighten up anyone's day. I have only fond memories of Greg from his domination on the court to blindly tearing down the motel hallway to crush the pest who was harassing him.

As many others have noted, watching Steed develop as a player was quite an incredible thing to experience. He's earned all the credit he's gotten and more. I have and will continue to tell people that Steed was not just a guy who was lucky enough to be 6'9", riding on his height advantage. He was a skilled player who knew what he was doing and utilized what he had. As fun as it would be, we don't just chant Steed because he's lucky. He was an undeniable force and we were letting everyone know that.

I haven't fully been hit by the reality of his passing yet and I don't think I will until I step back into Hickey. With all the uncertainty of the future, I do know that every memory I have of Steed makes me smile. Except those times when he was kinda upset with me, and yeah, they were mostly my fault. Sorry buddy.

Wish you didn't have to go.

2008-01-02 18:23:48
From Heather Wagner

I officially met Greg at the Vegas tournament his freshman year. I realized that he was one of the few people whose name I didn't know and decided to rectify that immediately. I walked up to him, stuck my hand out, introduced myself, and asked him what his name was.

Steed. What kind of a name is Steed? What's your real name? Jake. Ok, Jake. Do you prefer to be called Jake or Steed. Greg? I'm confused...what did your parents name you? After several minutes of confusion, I walked away satisfied that Greg's parents named him Greg Jake Steed Jacobs and that I should just call him Steed.

From there a friendship began and I have many fond memories of time spent with Greg playing beach doubles in San Diego, rooting for one another on volleyball courts across the country, being "prom" dates at nationals, and kicking back in Davis. Every time I watched Greg play I reminisced with fellow volleyballers about how much he had improved in such a short time and how much charisma and skill we knew he still had hiding somewhere in that 6'9" frame in volleyball and in life. We'll never get to know just how great he could have been, but we can take solace knowing how great a person he already was.

Greg: the experiences, good humor, and insight you have shared with your family and friends will impact us for the rest of our lives and for that we can all be grateful.

2008-01-02 19:08:51
From Halley Read

We loved you and still do. You will be greatly missed, but your legend and vball legacy live on in us forever.............You are always with us.........

2008-01-02 22:15:19
From Madison Butts

I am still in shock over the whole ordeal, but I am going to attempt to put my feelings into words. Greg was incredible. Period. I was a newcomer to the v-ball team and it was an intimidating experience for me to be playing a sport for the first time. And here comes along this BEAST of a middle, a guy everyone talked about. All I could think was "How am I even gonna come close to playing like THAT guy?" But Greg approached it differently. He immediately opened his arms to me and welcomed me not only as a teammate, but also as a friend. That is extremely rare for someone involved in a competitive sport. Most players would attempt to sabotage the new guy to try to secure playing time. But Greg invited me into his life and even gave me pointers on becoming a better middle. This is just one example of Greg's amazing personality. After the season I was blessed to be able to hang out with him outside of volleyball and, like it has been said many time before, he was an amazing human being.

Greg, you will be missed, truly. Thanks for every conversation you had with me and every piece of advice you ever gave me. I will always remember you.

2008-01-02 22:31:32
From Kathy Nguyen

Greg was a quiet, little boy trapped in a tall man's body. We never talked. All that mattered was that every time we saw each other, he knew to hug me, lifting my spirits. I will miss your hugs, Greg.

2008-01-03 00:31:01
From Eman Soriano

This past summer, I had the privilege of getting to know Greg while studying in Siena, Italy. We spent many good times trekking through the Tuscan countryside.

In the short months that I got to know him, I found him to be one of the sweetest guys that I have ever met. He was funny and insightful.

My prayers are with his family and I, along with many others, will miss him.

Thanks Greg for the all the good times...

2008-01-03 00:31:23
From Frank Viviano, Barga (Tuscany)

Greg was my guest in Italy, along with his parents, Scott and Karen -- close friends since the 1960s, when we were students at the University of Michigan. He had Scott's quiet intensity (and card-playing flair) and Karen's rare, gentle warmth. I've never known a happier and more loving family. Greg was a wonderful testament to that, and they will remain the best possible testament to who he was.

2008-01-03 10:17:22
From Enza Bologna

Last summer Greg was in my class of italian language in Siena. I will never forget this sweet, quiet and generous student.
I'll miss you Greg.

2008-01-03 11:27:30
From Troop 20

Gregosorous was an awesome addition to the Boy Scout's Troop 20. His smile was one of the most infectious around.

The hearts of all the Mission Hills Boy Scouts and families go out to the Jacobs, Venessa, family, and friends.

2008-01-03 12:41:25
From Veronica Cummings

I'll never forget hiking in Italy with Greg. We thought we were in the middle of a forest, but when we got to the "summit", after a few hours of hiking in intense heat, it turned out to be a theme park! So what else could we do but have a few ice-cold beers and shoot pool? We laughed about it the entire time because of the stares we got... two giants, sweaty and kind of stinky drinking beer... Definitely one of the best memories...

2008-01-03 13:00:40
From Shomrat Sarkar

The first time I really remember interacting with Steed was the time during the pasta feed when he decided to make rap for the audience while I beat boxed. I couldn't stop cracking up the entire time. Steed was the goofiest guy I've ever met. I think that's what we all loved most about him. He always made us smile, every one of us. I'll never forget those raps, the after-kill celebrations that looked like his legs were about to crumble, the hillarious comments on the way back from long road trips, seeing Steed squeezed in the back seat of Devin's tiny car for 3 hours on the way back from Poly...but most of all he's always just been a really genuine and kind person. I'll never forget his friendship.

2008-01-03 15:02:22
From Roman Scotch

Alike most of you, there aren't any words that I can come up with that will justify the way Steed changed my life. From the beginning, he was the guy on the team that I just understood. Very few people can you be in silence with and feel comfortable. I didnt have to "prove" myself to him for him to think of me as a friend.

I will miss many things about him, from him calling me at 9 in the morning on a saturday seeing if he left his glasses in my car when they were actually on his nightstand, to making nonsensical guestures behind Joey's back during a "teaching moment" during practice and always getting a chuckle from Steed.

You will always be missed and remembered. I love ya man

2008-01-03 20:24:49
From Deanna Fong

Its hard to imagine a life cut so short- its as almost and unfair deal was cut. But from the first day I met the towering freshmen, I can say that I have been blessed to know him. It is rather the quality than quantity that resounds to me, from the chearing steeeeeed to the pure laughter he brought about. I will never forget such a presence.

My prayers go out to your family.

2008-01-04 08:36:18
From Ed and Cindy Butts

What a wonderful young man and family - and what a tragedy! Madison loved his class - and sharing the middle with him! We love that team of spirited, intelligent, fun and talented guys. We know how close they all are to each other and what a loss Greg is as a person and player. We have been thinking about your family, Venessa and the volleyball family all week, praying for you, wishing you strength, comfort and God's eternal love.

2008-01-04 15:05:12
From Ruth Ann Petro

Karen, I'm so sorry to hear this. You must be very proud of you son - I can tell by looking at this web site what a great kid he's been. My love and prayers are with you. Take good care.

2008-01-04 15:36:39
From Cindi (Baker) Wray

I wish to express my sincere condolences. Though I did not know your son personally, only you through CAPCO, but I recall how you spoke of him with pride.
As a mother, I can only sympathize for your loss. May the Lord comfort you all through this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Much love.

2008-01-04 16:53:36
From Mary McDowell (Big Mac's mom)

As I post this, my son, Mike, is gathering with the Davis Volleyball club members to be in San Diego as part of Greg's volleyball family to honor and remember their lost teammate. I can see and feel the unbelieving sadness in my son at losing a member of his close-knit volleyball clan.
Heartfelt condolences to the Jacob's family, Vanessa and the Davis Volleyball community. You have lost a son, partner and brother. I know the Davis team will miss him each time they step onto any court in any gym, not just now or this season, but always. I will think of Greg and the friendship and camaraderie of the Davis Volleyball Club often this volleyball season. He was not just a volleyball player, but one of those who most personified this sport and its best attributes.

2008-01-04 20:24:15
From Helen Ku

Super awesome on the longboard and just amazing.

"they may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."-carl w. buechner

2008-01-05 00:37:48
From Darrick Ly

Being a sophomore, there was only so much time that I got to spend with Steed unlike everyone else who'd know him much longer. But, there was something about him that can just make you smile and laugh. The way his size 16 shoes fit on his tiny long board or even the funny faces and things he would give me as I went up to him. I didn't even know what to say sometimes. I would just look at him, see his face, and just laugh. He was a clown with a giant heart.

I spent the most time with Steed during our trip to Vegas last year. Somehow he got paired up with us on the ride there. It was a whole lot of fun talking and joking in the fan. This was a special time because I got to see a side of Steed I've never seen before. Here's this giant guy holding his tiny white video ipod watching Robot Chicken. He'd sit there just laughing and he shared his videos with us in the van. We were all there hovered around this small screen watching claymation skits. This was the soft and sensitive side of Steed.

On the court, he was a machine. This stick of a man jumping and hitting around all sorts of blocks. Playing with him was a big inspiration. He helped me to see that with hard work you can do a lot of big things in life even if you're not the biggest or tallest or strongest person out there. Mr. Jacobs, I was very happy to have known you. I know you're in a place now where you can share your joys and laughs with the world. I know you'll be keeping a good watch over us, you'll always be remembered in our hearts.

2008-01-05 06:19:12
From Kate Butchko

Once, during my freshman year, Greg, Jesse, Kate Nolen, and I walked through the Whole Earth Festival to get food during a grass tournament, and I asked Greg whether he liked to be called Greg or Steed. He said, "Greg" it's hard to respect someone who introduces himself as Steed. I told him that positive nicknames only stick when they are attached to likable people. That was very true of Greg. I don't think it was possible to dislike him. The moment I met him, I recognized what a kind heart he had.
The first time I heard that Venessa was interested in him was at Sheila's house, after a party. Venessa was lying on the kitchen floor and we were all giggling while she told us how much she liked him. That sounds immature, and maybe the whole incident was, but we were all just so happy. I knew I was happy because, I guess, I just always was rooting for Greg. I always wanted him to be happy because he deserved it.
Venessa brought him that happiness. Not everyone gets true love in a lifetime. I'm so glad that Greg had that.

2008-01-05 11:29:51
From Michael Schrammel

I knew Greg when his older brother Brad and I were at San Diego High together. I didn't know Greg very well, but his family is one of the most caring and generous I have ever spent time with. Late night pool sessions, raiding the kitchen, watching the Simpsons, all great memories. Scott, Karen, Brad and Liz, thinking of all of you.

2008-01-05 17:36:12
From Denise Tu

Steed, you are the giant with the biggest heart. You always made me laugh. At parties, with a goofy smile you would get on your knees so that we were the same height just to say hi.

We will all miss you, Steed

2008-01-06 15:57:42
From Nathan Weiner

During practice one day Steed mentioned he liked playing cribbage, so when we left for our trip to Kentucky I threw my cribbage board in my bag thinking we might play one or two games. Little did I realize I would spend the next 8 hours straight playing cribbage with Steed. Talking and laughing about how silly it was to spend that much time playing this card game. After that day we really started to become good friends, and started to hang out outside of volleyball. Bringing that cribbage board was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am going to miss you so much and I will always remember all of the fun times we have had together.

2008-01-06 21:03:12
From Tyler Widdison

I remember playing against him last year in Vegas. Utah Valley will have everyone at UC Davis/his family in their prayers.

2008-01-07 09:05:31
From Lori Kobza

Dear Karen,
My deepest sympathy to you, your family and friends on the loss of your beloved son. What an outstanding young man. I will hold you all in my prayers.

2008-01-07 10:29:18
From Kate Nolen

I first met Greg my freshmen year when I joined the womens volleyball club. He was one of the first guys I was introduced to in the mens club. He was amazing to watch play and I will always remember last year at Nationals in Louisville when we had letters spelling out S-T-E-E-E-E-D to cheer the guys on. I am truly honored to have played my first ever grass volleyball tournament with him as well as to have played on an IM team with him. You will always be remembered and loved Greg.

2008-01-07 19:15:39
From Morgan Chow

For some reason this random memory of Steed keeps coming to mind. Zeka, Jackie and I had just moved into our apartment fall of our sophomore year, excited to continue the tradition of living in a club volleyball dominated household. It was the morning after one of the first parties of the year that we all attended, and as we were waking up Steed and Rusty showed up at our doorstep and invited us to breakfast at IHOP. They asked in a manner like there was no way we would turn them down because what else could we possibly want to do on a saturday morning than eat breakfast at IHOP! This is the Steed I will remember. A guy that is spontaneous, laid back, and extremely friendly. He always made me feel comfortable and was so easy to talk to. You will remain in our hearts forever Steed.

I guess this seemingly insignificant memory really stuck with me because it signified the beginning of an amazing year full of unforgettable memories at our apartment with steed and the rest of the volleyball club.

2008-01-07 20:13:18
From Sunny Caldwell

I had a class with Greg last year, and I always looked forward to class because of him. Although I did not know Greg very long, I know that I am lucky to have spent time with him. Thank you, Greg, for the entertaining moments we had together; they were golden.

2008-01-07 22:44:06
From shavonna andrews

I remember when my sister (she attends ucdavis) and i attended the grass volleyball tourney for the first tme and there was this really tall guy that stood out from the rest, maybe it was because it was super tall.. lol. He had a great personality, i approached him and asked him his height,he was so sweet to sit there and talk to a total stranger. Knowing his height and watching him play a little bit he was an awesome player. then we had a short convo on volleyball being that i play at my college in south carolina, and i said to my sister that he and i are friends from that day on, i didnt keep in contact with him, but i remember my sister sayin she had a class with him, and to tell him i said hi, i dont think she ever did. but first impressions is always what sticks and greg was, is an awesome person, may he rest in peace

2008-01-08 00:21:34
From Danny Bishop

You lived an incredible life, Greg Jacobs. I still look back each and every day and think to myself how lucky of an individual I am to have come across someone like you. As everyone else has stated, you are such a humble, gentle and genuine grown man and everyone will always remember the unique qualities that no one else ever can possibly have. I am honored to have played with you the past 3 months this year and share part of my life with you... from talking to you about Venessa at the retreat to waving a happy hello as you pass me by on your long board. I will miss your presence at the net and having somebody that is finally taller than me that I can look up to.

Steed, it has been a pleasure to know you and be with you. Miss you tons buddy, RIP.


2008-01-09 14:48:00
From Meghan Wagner

I grew up across the street from the Jacobs family and we did everything together. When my family moved to Seattle, the Jacobs continued to fly up to WA each summer for our annual weeklong waterskiing vacation with six other families and thus "The Curlew Crew" was born. . . .

Greg was a baby our first year, but I am so thankful for the 15 plus years that the Jacobs family were part of the crew at Lake Curlew. I have so many childhood memories of Greg and all of us kids - running, swimming, singing, dancing, and causing mayhem. Greg always did it in his unique (and quirky!) way. He was the entertainer, the joker, the kid covered in spaghetti in a box, the free spirit and an endless ball of personality.

One of my favorite memories of Greg was all of us older kids teaching him a phrase that he would repeat a million times a day. It was a goofy saying (at that time, Greg was 10 years old), but Greg had great timing to always declare it at the top of his lungs during any tense or quiet moment.

I am saddened to hear the news, and my heart goes out to Scott, Karen, Brad and Liz. Please know that everyone from the Curlew Crew is sending you lots of love and prayers. . . .

And to Greg, I can still hear your voice in my head with that famous saying - "DRINK BEER AND PLAY POKER!" No one can deliver it like you, but every time I hear it I will have a smile in heart thinking of you.

2008-01-09 23:01:42
From John Knoll

I was Greg's suite mate freshmen year. Although we didn't always get along, he was a source of humor for the rest of us. He will be missed.

2008-01-10 19:21:26
From Major Chad Rauls, Coach USAFA Vball

Sorry to hear about the loss of your teammate. Sounds like he was an outstanding person. It seems like he made quite an impact on others, volleyball and the world. Your webpage is a nice tribute to him.
Chad Rauls

2008-01-23 19:21:26
From Barbara and Jack Geltosky

We knew Greg from the time he made his impromptu appearance in Mission Hills with big brother and sister sitting on the porch waiting for grandma. Whenever I called to talk to Karen and Greg answered the phone, he would say "Mom, its Barbara Bush." It was easier to say than Geltosky and the nickname stuck. When I moved to Pennsylvania, I planted a Barbara Bush rose in my garden.

One year when the kids were small we had an easter egg hunt at our house: the two Dads (whose sons had not outgrown them at that point ) hid the eggs at eye level for a 6 ft plus man, not thinking of course that there was no way the kids would ever reach them. They had to lift the kids up so that they could find the eggs. Those little easter egg hunters became fine young men and women. We are so sorry to lose one of them too soon.

Karen, Scott, Brad and LIz, and all Greg's friends and team mates, our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Barbara and Jack Geltosky

2008-01-23 19:21:26
From Devin Harper

I have SO many memories of Steed that bring a smile to my face I don't know where to begin. Steed, I still remember the many conversations we had your freshmen year and was grateful that you were always willing to hop in my little car for an away game. Later, I had the distinct pleasure of getting to know the other side of you. Very quickly I recall the conversation a bunch of us had about "Sacramento being the city with the most trees" or something like that. Where you pulled that from or how you were so sure eludes me still :) Also, still one of the funniest things I think I've ever seen has to be the sight of you running through the hallway in a vest and trying to hurdle tuggy. Steed, you gracefully combined a calm demeanor with a quick laugh. You are missed.

2008-01-11 19:21:26
From the Jacobs Family

Brad, Liz, Karen and I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful tribute you did for Greg on Wednesday as well as for the outpouring of love and support we have received from all of you during these sad times. We had begun to name names, but soon realized that the list was getting longer and longer and rather than risk omitting someone we have decided to thank you as a group. You know who you are, however.

Greg was never happier than when he was with his friends and at Davis, so thank you for that too. You were Greg's friends - the ones he earned and loved and who loved him as he began to make his way in the world.

Greg left and indelible mark in all of our hearts that will last forever and it is in this way that he will remain, as always, smiling down from above.

With sincere thanks and deepest regards,
Greg's Family