Far Westerns 2012
The 27th Annual Collegiate Far Westerns Invitational hosted by UC Davis Men's Volleyball
UC Davis ARC, Pavilion, and Hickey Gym
SAT. February 18th
SUN. February 19th
Entry Fee:
$400.00-per team
Also Note: the UC Davis Women's Volleyball Club team will be hosting their own Far Western's Tournament. If you would like more information, please email their president Stephanie Lage at sllage@ucdavis.edu.

AM Wave will begin at 8:00 AM

PM Wave will begin at 3:00 PM

Pavilion 3 (PM) Pavilion 1 & 2 (PM) Pavilion 1 & 2 (AM)
UC Davis A UCSD Cal Poly A
USC Sac State A San Diego State
Oregon State Oregon Sonoma State
Nevada-Reno Humboldt Sac State B
  UC Merced Davis B

Hickey 1 (AM) Hickey 2 (AM) Pavilion 4 (PM) Pavilion 3 (AM)
Cal A Arizona State Orange Coast UCSB A
Colorado Chico State San Jose A Fresno State
Stanford Santa Clara UC Irvine Cal Poly B
UCSB B San Jose B Cal B Santa Rosa

Far Westerns has always been recognized as one of the most competitive and well run
tournaments in the country. This year promises to be no exception. The tournament will
be host to teams from the always competitive NCCVL, as well as some of the strongest
clubs from Southern California, Oregon, Nevada and Utah. We can accommodate up to
44 teams with preference given to Division I teams and those perennially strong
Division II and III teams. Only NCVF, NAIA, NCAA and Junior College teams will be accepted.*

If you think you would like to participate in this year's tournament, please send an e-mail to mensvolleyball@ucdavis.edu . You will be contacted shortly with a formal invitation and payment information.



The Fine Print
* Club teams may only play those players who are NCVF eligible according to rules outlined on NCVF's eligibility page here. Non club teams may only play those players who are found eligible by the NCAA or their other respective governing body. If it is determined that a team has participated with ineligible players, their entry fee will be forfeited and any awarded prize money must be returned to UC Davis Mens Volleyball.
** The first place prize will be equal to the cash value of the entry fee for a NCVF Member Club Volleyball Team for the 2012 National Tournament in Kansas City, MO. The winning team may only collect the prize money if their entire Far Westerns Entry fee has been submitted before the start of the tournament (unless otherwise specified by tournament director). In the event that the winning team cannot legally accept the prize money, half of the cash prize will be awarded to the next highest eligible team.
If you have any questions regarding either of these points, please don't hesitate to email us at mensvolleyball@ucdavis.edu.