Who Are We

We are fighters of the Davis Boxing Club, students of the University of California Davis, and members of the local Davis community. The club once boasted a proud history in the 70s. However, due to various reasons, namely limitation in budget, and the growing public misconceptions of the safety of the sport, its operation was abruptly halted. It was not until nearly thirty years later, the club was finally revived in the year of 2000 and has grown so far into its current state. Right now, the UC Davis Boxing Club is sponsored by the Department of Campus Recreation.

Five days a week, ten weeks a quarter, three quarters a year, we strive to improve ourselves, both in our boxing techniques and characters through strenuous training. It is our belief that boxing should not only shape into perfection the body, but most importantly the mind—what we call the “heart” in boxing, to go that extra mile, to muster up the last bit of strength, to come out of the square ring the winner, and to come out of life the winner!